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Tesoro’s approach to the design and manufacturing of products sits on the foundation of delivering the matrix of unparalleled quality, features, design and pricing. Computer peripherals have become an essential element of the gaming and computing experience. This has created a demand for peripherals that go beyond the norm and break the conventions of design and production. Our main products include keyboard, mice, headsets and, now, gaming chairs.
  • Gaming chairs
By matching premium parts with innovative engineering design, our products offer users a quality experience without compromise. By breaking the pattern, breaking the rules, Tesoro is able to bring innovation to new levels and offer game-changing products.

Tesoro is at the heart of leading edge technologies that hope to set new standards in the industry. Since Tesoro’s founding in 2011, we have dedicated efforts to providing quality, smart products, while pushing the boundaries of innovation. Tesoro was the first to apply full nkey rollover to all models on the market. Further, Tesoro was the first to give gamers the possibility to program every single key on the keyboard, as well as a leader in introducing RGB keyboards, years before the competition. Most recently, Tesoro introduced low-profile mechanical key switches as well as optical switch technology to mechanical keyboards. We are always pushing our R&D to develop unique offerings as well as ensuring products are built to perform, while listening to what our users want.