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is an intelligent distributor of gaming peripherals, audio and music systems, printing media and other accessories from the leading international and Russian vendors.

Business-Factory was founded in 1994 in Moscow and operates all over Russia as well as over other Eurasian Economic Union countries (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kirgizstan).

The range of products distributed by Business-Factory includes:

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Party Speakers
Open Air Speakers

Drums and Music Instruments

Your Best Open Air of This Summer

Create your Open Air mix of friends and ION Party.

Depending on the size of ION system the scale of your event can vary from a regular party to a mega performance of the year.

Unlimited movement and lavish impression are 100% guaranteed.

ION Audio develops and produces a range of unique consumer electronics devices such as party and open air speakers, turntables with USB-link to computers etc.

ION Audio is a part of inMusic - a family of leading music technology and consumer electronics brands. Through collaboration and innovation, every inMusic brand has the unique ability to respond dynamically to the demands of its customers, delivering the latest advancements in engineering, design, and technology in the DJ, Music Production, Pro Audio, Musical Instrument, and Consumer Electronics industries.

Leveraging its access to the world’s leading engineering and technology resources, ION Audio takes advanced technologies and turns them into all-in-one solutions, freeing customers to enjoy music in new ways, digitize their classic records and cassettes, learn an instrument easily, and much more.

Exclusive distributor
in Russia

Gaming Peripherals
Computer Fans

COUGAR (a part of HEC Group) was started in Germany in 2007 by computer peripherals engineers who wanted to design with passion. A professional team, adhered to the design philosophy of technology centered on human use and esthetic perfection - with utmost passion COUGAR is keen to provide most innovative solutions that 100% meet customer needs.

These combinations lead to products that met the global demand for high-end professional gamers. COUGAR’s field testing of the chassis and power supplies constantly went beyond normal development to bring about a diversified line of gaming computer peripherals products and continues to this day. This enthusiasm and innovative spirit is a continuing source of vitality for COUGAR. The range of COUGAR includes unique gaming keyboards and mice, gaming mousepads and computer fans. They are positioned in middle, upper-middle and highest price and quality segments. Due to innovations and unique features COUGAR has been recognized and highly ranked by the leading Russian experts such as 3Dnews.ru, Igromania.ru, IXBT.com, F1CD.ru, Goha.ru, Gamer.ru, Gametech.ru, Megaobzor.ru and many others

With great success in the production of power supplies and computer chassis and almost unlimited financial resources, HEC Group plans COUGAR to become the leading brand for gamers all over the world.


Gaming Peripherals

The name GAMDIAS, translated from Greek as “God of Gaming”, symbolizes company’s aspiration to create perfect gaming devices. All GAMDIAS products bear the names of Gods from Ancient Greece.
GAMDIAS product lines feature:

  • Gaming headsets
  • Gaming combo sets
  • Gaming keyboards
  • Gaming mice
  • Gaming mouse pads

GAMDIAS was founded as a stand-alone brand in 2012 promoting state-of-the-art gaming solutions. GAMDIAS, a part of Kworld Computer Technology Co., is a trustworthy and reliable developer of innovative gaming peripheral.

GAMDIAS sees investments in its own Research and Development as a foundation of a successful company growth, which allows its products to take the leading role on the gaming peripheral market.


Gaming Peripherals
Gaming chairs

THUNDERX3 is a new brand of well-known Taiwanese Company AEROCOOL, one of the leading global producers of PC cases, power supplies, accessories and gaming peripherals.

The range of ThunderX3:

  • Gaming headsets
  • Gaming combo sets
  • Gaming keyboards
  • Gaming mice
  • Gaming mouse pads
  • Gaming chairs

AEROCOOL Co. was set in 2001. All AEROCOOL-branded products are traditionally marked by innovative solutions and unparalleled design. AEROCOOL remains the best choice for gamers and enthusiasts from all over the world.

With long and successful experience in development and production, AEROCOOL added ThunderX3 to its product line in 2016. ThunderX3 gaming peripherals are designed for bright farming.

ThunderX3 story

  1. Thunder, the power of nature, is a key element to the evolution of lives on Earth.
  2. Man discovered ways to harness energy and utilize power.
  3. The energy of thunder is incorporated into the world of gaming, the next big step in gaming evolution!

ThunderX3 understands the gaming energy and embracing it to bring you the best gaming experience you will ever have.

Authorized distributor

Photo paper
Printing media

LOMOND is a Russian-based company founded in 1996. Lomond specializes in development and production of hundreds of different printing materials for home, office and professional needs.

Shortly – any kind of printing media for any type of printer – Ink, Laser, Wide format, Thermo Sublimation, Solvent, UV etc. The range of Lomond covers photo papers, canvas, texture papers, engineer papers, thermo transfer materials, offset media and many others. Lomond controls the major market share of InkJet media in Russia. The mission of Lomond is to bring the latest technologies and highest-quality materials into the market and make the prices attractive to millions of end-users.

The strategy of Lomond in based on:

  • Versatility. The widest range of compatible printers for each media.
  • Integrity. The widest range of media for each printer.
  • Procurability. The best available price ever.

Authorized distributor

Surge Protectors

Automatic Voltage Regulators

ZIS (Pilot) is a Russian-based company founded in 1992. ZIS controls the major market share in Russia in top-quality surge protectors, entry-level UPS and some related products.

ZIS has its own RnD department and full-cycle production facilities. Pilot is the registered trade mark of ZIS company.

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